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  • ESL

    Q: How do I get started in the classes?

    A: Go to the SCC Continuing Education Office, 8800 O Street, Room J-2, to sign up and pay the registration fee for the ESL Orientation. At the ESL Orientation, the ESL Placement Test will be given to determine which level in our program is best for the student.


    Q: Where do I go for the placement test?
    A: The ESL Placement Test is given during the ESL Orientation.  We have ESL Orientation at several locations in Lincoln.  Please go to the SCC Continuing Education Office, 8800 O Street, Room J-2, to sign up for the ESL Orientation.


    Q: Can I take the GED® tests online?

    A: No, only at centers officially designated to administer GED® testing. An official GED® credential cannot be obtained from online commercial programs.


    Q: How long will it take to get my GED® credentials?
    A: The individual's skill level determines how many classes it takes to upgrade his/her skills.  Students are assessed in an orientation on their basic skill levels before entering the classes so that they know exactly what is needed to do to be successful on the GED® tests. 


    For questions on volunteering in Beatrice and areas outside of Lincoln, please contact Andrea Anthony 402-228-3468; 800-233-5027 ext. 1344;
    For Lincoln, contact Lynn Saffer 402-437-2719; 800-828-0072 ext. 2719;  

    Please view our Volunteer Booklet for more information. Visit our FaceBook page.  

  • Contacts

    Diane Vesely-Robb

    Director, ABE

    Lincoln Campus
    8800 O St
    Lincoln, NE  68520

    Tel: 402-437-2717

    Toll Free: 800-828-0072

    Ext: 2717

    Susan Kash-Brown

    Assistant Director, ESL

    Lincoln Campus
    8800 "O" St.
    Lincoln, NE 68520

    Tel: 402-437-2722

    Toll Free: 800-828-0072

    Ext: 2722

    Tate Lauer

    Assistant Director, Adult Education

    Beatrice Campus
    4771 West Scott Road
    Beatrice, NE 68310

    Tel: 402-228-3468

    Toll Free: 800-233-5027

    Ext: 1345