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Global Education

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    SCC wants its students to be well prepared for a changing world of work.

    In 2003, the Global Education Committee composed and presented a position paper to the SCC Board of Governors, supporting the practice of infusing global perspectives into instruction and providing other educational opportunities for students and staff. The Board of Governors responded to this proposal with a resolution affirming support of the global education initiative. The Global Education Committee then developed a Global Education Plan for 2005-2007.  Many of the goals of that plan have been undertaken or completed.  The plan is being updated for future years.  Meetings of the Global Education Committee are held quarterly.

    The College is a member of the Midwest Institute for International Intercultural Education
    This organization is a consortium of two-year colleges in the Midwest and supports curriculum and professional development.

    The College also is a member of
    Community Colleges for International Development


    Why is global education important to your future?

    • Your employer may have international markets, locations or investments
    • You will live and work with an increasingly diverse population
    • Inter cultural understanding is vital to peace and progress
    • Electronic communication has removed many traditional time and place barriers, bringing increased opportunities for global interaction
    • Global economic interdependence is a fact of life.