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    SCC's Criminal Justice program will lay the groundwork for an exciting career.

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You're a Good Fit for this program because . . .

  • Here’s what it takes to become a successful police officer:

    • Good communication skills (must be able to read, write and speak effectively; police work requires a great deal of paperwork and verbal interaction with people)
    • Good people skills (must be able to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions; these people may be under great stress, injured, or hostile and dangerous)
    • Must be able to work as a member of a team
    • Must be able to make quick, good decisions based on the use of good logic and analytical skills
    • Must be able to work under stress
    • Must possess physical strength, agility and coordination
    • Should be a person of character, honesty and integrity
    • Should be a person who likes variety (is ready for anything in all kinds of circumstances)
    • Should be able to take control of a crisis situation and restore calm and order