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Housing Fees

  • Beatrice
    Beatrice Campus Housing Costs
    (per quarter - rates include Internet access and cable TV)
    Per Student
    Deposit  (refundable damage/surety deposit) $100
    Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Washington Halls (apartment style)  
    2-4 per room-per student $1,145
    Hoover Hall  (residence hall)  
    2 per room-per student $1,145
    3 or more per room-per student $862


    Milford Campus Residence Hall Costs
    (per quarter - rates include Internet access and cable TV)

    Per Student 
    Deposit  (refundable damage/surety deposit) $100
    Nebraska and Cornhusker Residence Halls (men's residence halls)
    (includes housing/residence hall and board/cafeteria food)
    1 living space per student (with shared commons) $1,365
    2 per room-per student (Nebraska and Cornhusker Halls) $1,528
    3 per room-per student (Nebraska and Cornhusker Halls) $1,343
    4 per room-per student (Nebraska Hall) $1,229
    Pioneer Hall Complex  (apartment-style women's & family housing)  
    Cafeteria and apartment (per quarter) (4 per unit-per student) $1,669
    Board (cafeteria food) only - cafeteria rates per quarter (14 meals per week) $892
    Housing only - apartment housing per quarter (4 per unit-per student) $777
    Married/Single Parent Student Housing (per month) $781
    Note: Individual programs may require an additional expenditure for such items as tools, special uniforms, insurance or other costs. Contact the campus Student Services Office for information regarding the costs of a specific program.
  • Terms

    Term Start Date End Date
    Winter Quarter 2015 Jan. 7 Mar. 19
    Spring Quarter 2015 Apr. 1 June 11
    Summer Quarter 2015 July 14 Sept. 23
    Fall Quarter 2015 Oct. 5 Dec. 17
    Winter Quarter 2016 Jan. 6 Mar. 17
    Spring Quarter 2016 Mar. 30 June 9
    Please see the calendar for other important dates.