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Request a Transcript

    1. SCC issues a transcript upon written request by the student. The request must include the student's name (including all former names), social security number, approximate dates of attendance, and signature, along with the address where the transcript is to be sent.
      Telephone requests will not be honored. We will accept FAX requests for transcripts, but cannot fax a transcript.
    2. Walk-in transcript (immediate) service is available at a cost of $5 per request.
      There is no charge for issuing a transcript; however, SCC will not issue a transcript if the student or contracting agency responsible for payment of student tuition has financial obligations to the College.
    3. Transcripts may be picked up or mailed as requested after three (3-5) working days from the date of request. The transcript request will be kept on file in the campus registrar's office.
    4. Official transcripts will bear the official seal of the College and be signed by the associate registrar or other appropriate official. Official transcripts directed to the student will be stamped "Issued to Student". All transcripts from an SCC registrar's office are official transcripts.