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Abuse & Neglect Prevention for Nursing Assistants

  • In order to be placed on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry, the state of Nebraska may require some nursing assistants to complete this one-hour course.

    The online course includes watching a video and reading material on patient rights, dignity, respect, and quality of life. Discussion is held on how to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities, both in a facility and in the community. A quiz is given over the material and the video. When you have completed the one-hour online course, the state is notified (within two business days) that you have completed the course.

    NOTE: For successful completion, you must spend an hour online and get 100 percent on the quiz. You can take the quiz as many times as needed.

    This course if offered online only. You can register at any time to take this course.

    Detailed Brochure

    Course Number: HLTH-3065
    Cost: $30
    Online Registration Keyword: Abuse

    How to Register? Click the "Register Now" button in the left column (or below on mobile).

    Online Login Information:
    After registering for this online course, you will receive an email with information for logging into The Hub. This email could take up to 2-6 hours to be delivered into your inbox, after successful registration. Once you receive the email, follow these steps:

    • Create or reset your password
    • Log into the Hub
    • Once logged into the Hub, click “My Courses”
    • Click Abuse/Neglect class link
    • Complete the online course
    • Must complete an hour online and successfully pass the final quiz
    • Within 7-10 business days after completion, SCC will send a completion letter to the state