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Academic Advising

  • If you are an undeclared student or not sure where to begin the College process, please visit the Career Advising Center to get started on the right path.
    If you are a declared student who has been accepted to a program of study, you will be assigned an academic advisor. Most academic advising is provided by campus faculty, program chairs or deans. Advisors discuss requirements of the program and offer guidance to students in planning a schedule which fits individual needs.
    If you are in a program and don't know for sure who your advisor is, please contact your campus and ask for the program's office. Your advisor will help you with planning your schedule, guide you in completing prerequisites and discuss courses which may offered once or twice a year. Your advisor is there to help you with all types of questions about your career at SCC.

    You are in charge of your education and your advisor is here to help you.