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More About: Academic Transfer

  • What other information do I need to know?

    • Some schools, such as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, require a student to have taken certain high school classes for admission. If you do not have all the high school admission requirements, you may take those classes with SCC.
    • Many courses at SCC have prerequisites. A prerequisite may be a placement test score (ACT or Compass) or another course. All English and math courses, some science courses, most psychology courses, and most sociology courses have prerequisites. Prerequisites are important and must be done!
    • The Academic Transfer program has full-time advisors as well as faculty advisors. A student may see any advisor she/he wishes. You should see an advisor if you have any questions about registering for classes, prerequisites, transferability of classes, etc.

    How do classes transfer?

    • Most colleges and universities will accept 60-66 semester hours in transfer. This is equivalent to 90-99 quarter hours. (One-and-a-half quarter hours equal one semester hour).
    • You may transfer at any time. You do not have to take a minimum number of classes or hours at SCC before transferring. You do not have to earn an associate degree before transferring.
    • Most schools require a grade of "C" for the class to transfer. Moreover, most schools require a CGPA (Cumulative Grade-Point Average) of at least 2.0 (C average) to transfer. However, many schools or departments require a higher CGPA for admittance. Competitive schools which do not accept all applicants usually give preference to those with higher CGPAs.
    • You should apply to your transfer college six to nine months before you plan to begin classes there. Include an official transcript from SCC as part of your application. You may arrange for a transcript to be mailed wherever you wish with a written request to Student Services or by selecting "Transcript Request" from the Student Menu on WebAdvisor.