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  • How do I get started in the classes?

    In Lincoln, go to the SCC Continuing Education Office, 8800 O Street, Room J-2, to sign up. At the ESL orientation, the ESL Placement Test will be given to determine which level in our program is best for the student.

    In Southeast Nebraska, go to the class location nearest you. The instructor will help with orientation and testing.

    Can I take the GED® tests online?

    No, only at centers officially designated to administer GED® testing. An official GED® credential cannot be obtained from online commercial programs.

    How long will it take before I can take the GED® test?

    The individual's skill level determines how many classes it takes to upgrade his/her skills. Students are assessed in an orientation on their basic skill levels before entering the classes so that they know exactly what is needed to do to be successful on the GED® tests.

    Is there a deadline for completing classes?

    No. Take as much time as you need. You will be assessed after the required hours of class time.

    Is there a time requirement or commitment?

    Yes. You must attend orientation, and then participate in class time or online learning. If you choose online learning, you must attend class in person at least twice each month. You must reach a required number hours of class time or online study time before taking level assessments. Level assessments help the student and instructor determine learning needs. If you have more questions, classroom instructors can clarify, or you may contact Lynn Saffer, Area Assistant Director at lsaffer@southeast.edu

    Is there an online or distance study option?

    Yes, each program offers independent study options but you must attend class in person or check in with the instructor at certain intervals.

    What does it cost to take the ABE/GED® or ESL classes?

    Basic instruction in each area is free. There are costs for more advanced ESL classes.

    Can I take Basic Education classes without taking the GED® Exam?

    Yes. If you need to brush up on basic skills you can take classes at no cost. There are assessments after the required hours of study, but there is no time limit, and no requirement for completing specific classes.

    What is the GED® test like?

    There are four sections - Math, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning through Language Arts. Visit myged.com to learn more.

    What does it cost to take the GED®?

    Each section is $30 but SCC offers vouchers to students who have completed and passed Level 6 of the Assessments.

    Volunteering Opportunities

    For questions on volunteering in Lincoln, contact Vicki Carper.

    For questions on volunteering in areas outside Lincoln, contact Jodi Anderson.