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Ag Day

  • Ag Day is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to experience the day-to-day activities that happen in SCC's Agriculture programs! Students will engage in a variety of activities, including livestock ultrasound, plant propagation, a harvest demonstration, and a presentation of Precision Agriculture technology. This is the perfect opportunity to see SCC’s 900-acre farm in action!

    Students will participate in the following stations:

    Livestock – Cattle Nutrition Breakdown: The Livestock Management and Production program will showcase common feed ingredients currently used in the cattle feeding industry along with the nutritional benefits that each ingredient brings with it. Participants will see these ingredients mixed into a TMR ration and the cost of the ration will be discussed in detail.
    Ag Business – Agricultural Quiz Bowl: Take part in our challenging agriculture trivia rotation. Students will be asked agriculturally based questions and have the opportunity to win prizes.
    Agronomy – Field Demonstrations: Participate in hands-on field demonstrations. Students will complete plant population calculations, discuss current plant growth stages, determine seed planting depths, and determine current soil temperatures.
    Precision – Soil Sampling: Soil Sampling has become an invaluable tool in Precision Agriculture. Ag Day participants will get an opportunity to see firsthand how to take soil samples and properly collect them using the latest technology.
    Horticulture & Turfgrass – Golf Course Maintenance: Come take a look at how golf course turf is managed. While it might look fake on TV, it takes a lot of effort to keep golf courses green and playable. Participants will learn behind the scenes maintenance practices and technology involved in maintaining high quality turf areas!

    Please check back for information on the next Ag Day event.

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