Due to hazardous weather and conditions, the SCC Beatrice Campus, Lincoln Campus, ESQ location, Milford Campus, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City and York Learning Centers will be closed  Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. All classes, activities and services are cancelled.
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  • SCC-Beatrice offers studio courses in Drawing, Two- and Three-Dimensional Design, Painting, and Ceramics. These classes can be taken by anyone, regardless of their program of study or level of experience. SCC supplies the basics; canvas, brushes, clay, and glazes!). We have eight Brent potter's wheels, a Peter Pugger pug mill, Brent sr36 slab roller, Soldner clay mixer, Skutt electric kiln, and Olympic gas kiln.

    We also offer art history courses, both face-to-face and online, which can be applied to your program of study as a Humanities elective or as diversity elective at schools across the state.

    Art Courses Offered:

    ARTS 1010 Introduction to Visual Art (Art Appreciation) 4.5

    ARTS 1050 Art History and Criticism I 4.5

    ARTS 1060 Art History and Criticism II 4.5

    ARTS 1110, 1120 Beginning Drawing I & I 4.5

    ARTS 1210 2-Dimensional Design 4.5

    ARTS 1220 3-Dimensional Design 4.5

    ARTS 1330, 1340 Beginning Ceramics I & II 4.5

    ARTS 2510, 2520 Beginning Painting I & II 4.5

    ARTS 2650 Introduction to Native American Art 4.5

    ARTS 2750 Women in Art 4.5

    ARTS 2804 Arts Practicum 1.5 - 4.5

    ARTS 2850 History of Photography 4.5