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  • AliManley-Art


  • SCC-Beatrice offers studio courses in Drawing, Two- and Three-Dimensional Design, Painting, and Ceramics. These classes can be taken by anyone, regardless of their program of study or level of experience. SCC supplies the basics; canvas, brushes, clay, and glazes!). We have eight Brent potter's wheels, a Peter Pugger pug mill, Brent sr36 slab roller, Soldner clay mixer, Skutt electric kiln, and Olympic gas kiln.

    We also offer art history courses, both face-to-face and online, which can be applied to your program of study as a Humanities elective or as diversity elective at schools across the state.

    Art Courses Offered:

    ARTS 1010 Introduction to Visual Art (Art Appreciation) - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 1050 Art History and Criticism I - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 1060 Art History and Criticism II - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 1110, 1120 Beginning Drawing I & I - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 1210 2-Dimensional Design - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 1220 3-Dimensional Design - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 1330, 1340 Beginning Ceramics I & II - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 2510, 2520 Beginning Painting I & II - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 2650 Introduction to Native American Art - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 2750 Women in Art - 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 2804 Arts Practicum - 1, 2, 3 credit hrs.

    ARTS 2850 History of Photography - 3 credit hrs.