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Assurance Review

  • handsThis Assurance Review is for Continuing Accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) conducts an Assurance Review to determine whether an institution continues to meet the Criteria for Accreditation. On the Open Pathway, the Assurance Review is conducted by itself in Year 4 and is a part of the comprehensive evaluation that occurs in Year 10. The following steps make up the Assurance Review:

    1. The institution demonstrates that it meets the Criteria for Accreditation by preparing an Assurance Filing, comprised of an Assurance Argument and an Evidence File, using HLC’s Assurance System.
    2. A team of peer reviewers evaluates the institution’s Assurance Filing. The outcome of this review is a recommendation as to whether the institution meets the Criteria for Accreditation. If the Assurance Review is part of a comprehensive evaluation, this review will also include an on-site visit by the peer review team. The Assurance Review conducted in Year 4 of the Open Pathway does not include an on-site visit unless the team determines one is necessary to explore uncertainties in evidence that cannot be resolved at a distance or if a sanction is being considered.
    3. A decision-making body reviews the institution’s documentation and the recommendation from the peer review team and takes an official action.

    SCC’s Year 4 Assurance Review
    Note: The blue text in the report is not a live hyperlink rather it indicates it is a live link in the HLC criterion evidence file.

    HLC Team Report