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Bill Beltz

  • Program: Business Administration

    Education/Industry Certifications: M.Ed.

    Has Taught at SCC Since: September 1977

    Years of Work Experience Outside SCC: Eight. Four years at Norfolk Catholic High School and four years at Chicago Lumber.

    Describe your teaching philosophy.
    I believe students and teachers should learn from each other. Willingness to learn, doing your best and respect for all are fundamental principles for both students and teachers. My humor is a little different. With that in mind, my answer would be, tell students the truth, then tell them a lie. If they know the difference, they have learned something.

    Why did you decide to teach at a community college?
    Community colleges offer quality education for a low cost to people who cannot afford large expenses for education. The classes are more applied and teach skills necessary for the general economy.

    What can prospective students expect when they enroll in your program?
    They can expect clear direction and to be treated with respect. I will expect them to work hard. They can expect me to work hard.

    What experiences outside of SCC do you bring to the classroom/laboratory that enhance student learning?
    I have taught at the elementary, high school and community college level. I do have many of the skills that students are currently learning. I worked in the construction area for seven years. I still get involved in remodel projects.

    What advice do you have for students pursuing a degree in your program?
    Work hard, ask questions and use all of the resources available to you.

    What do you enjoy most about working with students?
    They have lots of energy. I have fun helping them channel that energy to things that will bring them success and happiness.

    What is the best part about being an SCC faculty member?
    Working with students, other faculty members and staff.

    What has been your proudest moment as an instructor?
    When I see successful students.

    What do you like to do when you’re not teaching?
    I like playing and working with my wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandkids.

    What would students be surprised to know about you?
    I like contemporary buildings, furniture and art.

    Is there anything you’d like to add?
    I believe as a human race, we all win or we all lose. Education is the best way to demonstrate that belief.