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  • BrandonHarpsterLarge

Brandon Harpster

  • Program: Food Service/Hospitality

    Education/Industry Certifications: Associate of Applied Science in Food Service/Hospitality from Southeast Community College. Bachelor of Arts in Restaurant and Hospitality Management from New England Culinary Institute

    Has Taught at SCC Since: 2006

    Years of Work Experience Outside SCC: 22

    Describe your teaching philosophy.
    My teaching philosophy is to focus and prepare the students so that they are ready and prepared to be successful when they enter into the industry.

    Why did you decide to teach at a community college?
    I decided to teach at a community college because I truly believe that it is what is best for the direct community and gives me the opportunity to be a part of the community and help it grow.

    What can prospective students expect when they enroll in your program?
    Students can expect a complete hands-on real-world focused program to prepare them for the many different areas the industry can take them.

    What experiences outside of SCC do you bring to the classroom/laboratory that enhance student learning?
    The experience that I bring to the classroom is that I still work in the industry when I am not at the College. This experience allows me to stay current with what is happening in the industry.

    What advice do you have for students pursuing a degree in your program?
    Advice that I always give students is that with a program like ours, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

    What do you enjoy most about working with students?
    I mostly enjoy the energy and excitement that students have about coming to school and learning something that they are passionate about and being able to share my experiences with them so that they can become better professionals.

    What is the best part about being an SCC faculty member?
    The best part of being an SCC faculty member is getting to know that I may be helping and influencing a student with something that will shape their careers in the food service industry.

    What has been your proudest moment as an instructor?
    I'm not sure if I have a single proudest moment. My proudest moments are every time I go to graduation and watch the students receive their degrees.

    What do you like to do when you're not teaching?
    When I am not teaching I am working at a restaurant that I am also the Executive Chef for, and spending time with my family.

    What would students be surprised to know about you?
    I think most students would be pretty surprised to know that at one point in my life was a part-time semi-pro mountain bike racer.