Introductory Classes

Introductory Classes

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SCC offers a series of concentrated computer software training classes.

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Our rotating course offerings include:

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Through hands-on experience, you will learn to use function keys, the mouse and the numeric keypad. Begin learning computer terminology necessary in the 21st Century. Learn to use the Internet, email, and word processing and spreadsheet applications. Practice opening, closing, saving, and deleting files and folders.

Students need to have computer access to practice outside of class.

Want to learn more about computers? This engaging, hands-on class is for the person who has little to no knowledge about computers, but wants to learn! Find out about using Windows, creating and saving documents, getting started with email, and much more.

This learning opportunity is designed for any person who wants one-on-one attention from a computer applications subject matter expert. Registration gives you up to three hours of personalized attention on the computer topic that meets your specific need.

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