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Business Leadership

These workshops offered at SCC will help you become the leader your organization is looking for. We have teamed up with local business and industry leaders to pinpoint foundational leadership skills necessary for success. We understand the skills and attributes companies seek and develop in human talent to build individual and organizational effectiveness.

Fundamentals such as effective communication, teamwork, handling conflict, building trust, leading through influence and performance coaching are just a few of the leadership development opportunities here at SCC to help you become the leader you want to be.

Our rotating course offerings include:

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The Human Resource Certificate of Professional Development can get you one step closer to achieving your career goals while also preparing you to take the aPHR exam, a nationally recognized certification through HRCI.


  • Course materials
  • aPHR registration and exam fee
  • 12-month Lincoln Human Resource Management Association membership
  • Opportunity to consult with instructor following course completion

Learn the theory and practice of interest-based negotiation and mediation techniques and gain the skills that will lead to increased success in negotiating agreements and managing conflict.

We all have projects at home, at work, at school, and even at play. How do we manage to keep on top of all that needs to be done? The class will provide 12 power tips that can revolutionize the way you succeed in getting things done.

Utilize the Insight Personality Spectrum, a powerful, user-friendly version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and maximize the strengths and success of you and your team.

Potential ROI from this program:

  • Improvement to participants’ and their subordinates’ performance, behavior, and attendance
  • Improvements in employee engagement scores and retention
  • Enhanced advancement prospects for participants as their improved ability to develop successful, engaged employees

Effectively manage employee performance by learning techniques that will allow you to set realistic expectations for your team member’s performance, behavior, and attendance.

Potential ROI from this program:

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Augmented employee performance
  • Greater employee accountability
  • Better morale
  • Lower turnover

The need to lead, model and promote your organization’s mission within a customer service environment is essential for business success. This course provides you with opportunities to explore your responsibilities within your role as a leader (supervisor or manager) in a customer service environment and strategies for meeting and exceeding them.

Help guarantee your long-term success and that of your company by learning how to:

  • Recognize the 21 barriers to successful communication.
  • Apply a practical model of effective communication.
  • Leverage “positive language” to enlighten, engage and influence anyone.

Pull it all together to create rapport and credibility.

The employee experience impacts the successful recruitment of qualified applicants, employee satisfaction and retention, and today is vital just as salaries and benefits are.

We will focus on three critical EX elements of leadership, culture and strategy and will highlight considerations for senior leaders, human resource professionals, managers, and employees. Organizational behavior concepts such as decision-making, cultural change, agile organization, and organizational assessment will be emphasized during this interactive course. If you want to make a difference, we invite you to join us.

Join us for a day dedicated to celebrating YOU! From coffee and pastries to engaging speakers and fun prizes, this day is sure to say “thank you” for all that you do each and every day!

“I wish we would have thought about that” is a common term after projects fail. What if you could learn how to think about the various risks you’ll face moving forward? Join us and you’ll take away 12 power tips that will help you and your team overcome project risks.

As a project leader, have you noticed the team you’re leading is no longer behind you? Together we’ll consider the skills of a leader who can try to do the impossible.

It pays to diversify . . . and include! More and more organizations are recognizing the potential for increased productivity, profitability, innovation, and employee engagement to be had by creating a truly diverse, inclusive workforce in service to an increasingly diverse customer base.

Seventy percent of change initiatives fail! Be a part of the 30% that succeed by honing the knowledge, skills and attitudes you’ll need to design and drive change initiatives that keep you organization competitive and vibrant in a continually shifting business environment.

This program analyzes ethical decision-making models and how to recognize hidden obstacles to making good decisions. It also explores how to create a culture of ethics within an organization.

The need to lead, model and promote your organization’s mission within a customer service environment is essential for business success. This course will provide you with opportunities to explore your responsibilities within your role as a leader (supervisor or manager) in a customer service environment and strategies for meeting and exceeding them.

Congratulations! You’re a supervisor! Now what? Can you recall the day you were promoted to supervisor? How did you feel? Proud? Excited? Anxious? If you’re like most people, you felt all these things. Well, relax. Though the challenges facing you may seem overwhelming and your chances of success uncertain, you needn’t worry. An ongoing collaboration of researchers and working supervisors has amassed an impressive body of knowledge and best practices that can steer you to the success you crave.

According to Gallup, 32 cents of every payroll dollar is wasted on unproductive conflict. This program will teach you how to resolve conflict in ways that get results and enhance working relationships.

Explore the knowledge, skills and resources required for success as a community leader. You will study how ordinary people can emerge as leaders who can best serve their communities in elected, appointed or volunteer positions. Community groups, benevolent organizations, local governing bodies, and special-purpose districts are in constant need of new ideas to overcome various issues. Lecture, resource hunting and practical table-top exercises prepare you to use the knowledge and skills acquired for your real-world role as a community leader.

You get one chance to impress a potential employer. Learn best practices of writing your resume and preparing for your interview. You will produce a resume for professional review and participate in a mock interview either in-person or via Zoom.

Communication is an important set of skills which impacts our personal and professional life. With texts, emails and Facebook® taking over our social lives, some might find it difficult to engage in normal conversation because of lack of face-to-face interactions. You will discover different communication styles, techniques, non-verbal signals, and responses to build and strengthen your communication skills.

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