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Campus Safety & Security

  • For non-emergencies call:

    For emergencies call: 911


    It is the mission of the Safety and Security Team to provide campus security and safety services which enhance and support the Strategic Plan of Southeast Community College. Our goal is to promote a safe and welcoming environment which recognizes and is respectful of diversity, and which improves the quality of campus life for students, faculty and staff.

    All students, faculty and staff contribute to making Southeast Community College a safe, environment for learning. We cannot isolate ourselves from the world that surrounds us. The Safety and Security Team is committed to ensuring the safety of students, employees, and visitors through effective policies and procedures, educational programming, and community involvement.

    There are three main aspects to our goals:

    • To Serve and Protect:
      • To create a safe environment conducive to learning by offering safety and security on all Southeast Community College campuses.
      • Responding to various campus incidents and calls for aid.
      • Inspection of security systems, equipment, buildings, and property.
      • Service to the campus community, providing a variety of services, training, and assistance.
    • Accident and Crime Prevention:
      • Providing educational training programs to the campuses which cultivate safety and security awareness.
      • Engaging in proactive anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of crime risks, and taking the action needed to remove or reduce that risk.
    • Violence Reduction:
      • To bring awareness to and provide education and training in De-Escalation, Harassment, Intimidation, Work Place Violence, and Domestic Violence.
      • Cultivate and train a community to demonstrate responsibility, caring, and to be willing to report crime and violent incidents.

    Escort to your Vehicle

    Any student or employee desiring to be escorted to their vehicle or SCC residence hall during the evening hours (6-10 p.m.) should contact:


    Custodial Supervisor
    402-239-3312 (SU-TH)

    Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center/SCC Entrepreneurship Center

    Custodial Supervisor
    402-239-3312 (SU-TH)

    Education Square

    Academic Division
    Custodial Supervisor (Suite 112)


    Reception desk (V section)
    402-471-3333 (M-TH)
    Custodial Supervisor
    402-440-5853 (M-F)


    Residence Hall Manager

    Emergency Notifications

    Southeast Community College will be using the REGROUP emergency messaging service to deliver email and/or text messages to our faculty, staff, and students during emergencies. These messages will be in addition to the other methods of communications used in the past such as TV, radio, SCC website, etc.

    Notifications include:

    1. Situations threatening the safety and security of SCC locations.
    2. Campus closings due to emergency situations threatening the safety and security of SCC locations, including inclement weather.
    3. Class cancellations due to inclement weather.

    The system allows the College to effectively reach students on their preferred platforms and provide important information in several different ways with the click of a mouse.

    If you have been assigned a username from SCC, the system is available to you. On the Regroup site, users can add cell phone numbers to receive emergency-related text messages. You also can add email addresses.

    SCC is not liable for thefts and/or damages occurring on campus grounds. The following suggestions by our Safety and Security Department are offered for your consideration and implementation.

    • Contact 911 for emergency situations.
    • Immediately report all accidents, damage or thefts to the Safety and Security Department.
    • Close all vehicle windows and lock all doors.
    • Keep all personal items out of plain view.
    • Do not leave your belongings unattended.
    • Report all suspicious activities and/or persons to Safety and Security.
    • File a CCR report.
  • Human Resources coordinates and oversees the Safety & Security area for the College, which includes training, education, & staffing. SCC has multiple Safety & Security Staff who are based on the various campuses to further support the Safety & Security efforts of the College.

    Sam Loos
    Safety & Security Coordinator
    Lincoln Campus, CEC, ESQ Wahoo, and Plattsmouth
    Lincoln Campus: Room B4
    Mark Meints
    Safety & Security Coordinator
    Beatrice and Milford Nebraska City, Hebron, Falls City, York
    Beatrice Campus:
    Kennedy Bldg. Room K123
    For all other Safety and Security concerns
    Please call 402-437-2800