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Casey Lowe

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    Casey's delightful photographs can be found in both Volume 14 and the upcoming Volume 15 of Illuminations. Her subjects vary, but her work shows evidence of technical mastery, a keen use of light, and strong awareness of what will engage her audience. The Editorial Team was so taken with her Volume 15 submissions that it awarded her the Runner-Up Artwork Prize. In spite of her busy schedule, Casey agreed to talk about her work with us.

    Illuminations: Your photographic subjects range from portraits to landscapes to animals. Which of your subjects do you enjoy photographing most and why?

    Casey: I most enjoy photographing newborns and children, but I have a great love for Nebraska scenery, as well! Kids are great to photograph because you get to capture their personalities and make it last a lifetime. I love living in Nebraska because of the beautiful landscape; I'm a little obsessed with taking photos of the countryside and the sky, not only in Nebraska, but anywhere I travel.

    I: In your bio for Volume 15, you say that you enjoy designing "pretty things." What "pretty things" occupy your time most?

    C: I love designing invitations and logos most! I usually help out friends and family with wedding and birthday invites and holiday cards. I get to use my creativity and put my vision onto a blank "canvas" and end with an eye-catching and fun design. I love designing logos, too, starting with numerous different sketches and ending with a polished design is a process I really love!

    I: You're currently working as a graphic designer for Transformation Marketing. How do your graphic design skills influence your skills as a photographer?

    C: I would say graphic design and photography go hand-in-hand. You have to have an eye for design, which is true in photography, too. Being able to design my own branding pieces for my photography business has saved me so much and really lets me get my vision out in the brand of my company. It's so great that I get to utilize my design skills every day, no matter if I'm at Transformation Marketing or my photography business, Studio Byrd Lowe.

    I: Many of your photographic subjects have a rural, country feel to them. Why do you find this environment appealing to photograph?

    C: I think the appeal for the country rural photos I take stems from my love for Nebraska. I'm a country girl at heart, and that really shows through in my photos! The rustic countryside has such beautiful textures and colors, I would much rather be photographing in the country than in the city.

    I: You also seem to have a thing for dogs. What's up with that?

    C: I'm a dog lover! I have three dogs of my own, Lucky the Chihuahua, Bella the Boggle (Boston Terrier/Beagle mix), and Cooper the Olde English Bulldogge. My dogs are like family, and I treat them as children. I love how dogs are so loyal and love you no matter what. My husband travels a lot for work, and it's so nice having dogs because I'm never "alone." I call them my children dressed in fur!

    I: How do you see yourself as a photographer and artist in ten years?

    C: I'm hoping that in ten years I'm a successful and more well-known photographer in the area living in the country with my husband, our dogs, and hopefully, kids by then. I hope that I can be working only one job instead of three and focusing solely on my photography and my business.

    I: What advice would you give to budding photographers?

    C: I would advise new photographers to just be themselves. Don't give up, and strive to be better! Have your own style-don't copy anyone else's. A lot of photographers say don't compare your work to other photographers' work; I disagree. Compare your photos, and compare them often. What makes their photos so great? Why did they use the lighting in the way they did? If I would've been in that location, what would have I done differently? It's okay to compare yourself; just don't get down about your work not being up to par with their work and don't flat out copy their work. We all have to start somewhere. Use your photos as a learning tool; compare your old photos with your recent ones. If you learn something new about your profession every day, you will get where you want to be in time. It takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work-just stick with it, and it will all pay off!