Quality Child Care

  • A quality developmental program that cares for children while their parents are away from home — attending classes, at work, or involved in community services.

    Quality Child Care

    • Offers individual attention and affection.
    • Stimulates satisfying social relationships with other children and adults.
    • Protects the child's health and safety.
    • Helps the child develop emotionally by learning to express his/her feelings (positive and negative) in acceptable ways.
    • Fosters mental growth by providing the space, equipment, and time to create, investigate, experiment, and find joy in discovery.
    • Provides equipment and opportunities for physical growth.
    • Supports the family and offers many services.

    Summer Camps at SCC


    Attention SCC Student Parents and SCC Staff Parents.

    The Southeast Community College Child Development Center offers a Summer Camp Program for school aged children during the 11 week summer break at Lincoln Public Schools. Pell eligible students may qualify for greatly reduced rates! Stop by the Child Development Center in C-1, call at 402-437-2450, or email kschell@southeast.edu for more information.

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