Tour of Programs

  • We offer a quality developmental program that cares for children while their parents are away from home, attending classes, at work, or involved in community services.

    Purple Room
    Age: 6 weeks to 12 months
    Capacity: 12 infants
    Ratio: 1:4

    The room is divided into two areas, one area for the mobile infants and one area for the non-mobile infants. The Purple Room focuses on these areas of development areas through a variety of activities:

    • sensory
    • physical
    • intellectual
    • language
    • social
    Green Room
    Age: 12 to 24 months
    Ratio: 1:4

    We work on language skills, small and large motor skills, and independence. We have many developmentally appropriate activities that the toddlers experience during the day. Some of the activities include:

    • singing songs
    • dancing to music
    • playing with blocks
    • painting
    Blue Room
    Age: 18 to 36 months
    Ration: 1:6

    On a daily basis through planning and experiences the children practice self-help skills, independence and are encouraged to use social/verbalization skills. It is important that the experiences help the children's self esteem in a positive way and build on their interest.

    Red Room
    Age: 3 years old

    We plan activities around the children's interests as well as their desire to be friends. The children have child friendly jobs that they choose daily; such as a Group Leader or a Toy Helper. They have responsibilities as well. Some things they are responsible for are:

    • picking up after themselves
    • putting their belongings in their locker or cubby
    • cleaning up their meal area

    The Red Room is an active and exciting place to be.

    Yellow Room
    Age: 4 to 6 years old

    This is the last stop before Kindergarten and each year the children take part in a Preschool Graduation ceremony.

    The Yellow Room is designed to be challenging, stimulating, and meet the needs of the different ages of children.  The activities in the room are created to help the children develop independence, problem solving skills, positive self esteem, joy for learning and small and large motor skills.

    The room is divided into different learning centers which emphasize art, literacy, computers and more.

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