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  • Hula in the Coola Day.
    Hula in the Coola Day
    You may not be ready for the Hula Olympics, but will have a ton of fun in our Hula class.
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    Vintage Book Pumpkins.
    Vintage Book Pumpkins
    These are too cute for words! Space is limited in this class so don’t wait to sign up.
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    Give yourself one evening and try something new!
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    39 Steps Dinner & a Show Bus Trip.
    39 Steps…Dinner & a Show Bus Trip
    Dinner will be at COURSE—Show in Manley, NE.
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    Food Protection Manager Online 2019-2020
    Food Protection Manager Permit Online
    Accepted by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department for the sanitation training needed.
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    What Do Quarterbacks Say at the Scrimmage Line?
    What Do Quarterbacks Say at the Scrimmage Line?
    What do Quarterbacks say?
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    Barn Quilts.
    Barn Quilts
    Choose your size 2-foot or 3-foot square. Don’t have a barn—no problem—these are becoming so popular as décor for your fence, garage or backyard shed.
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    Danish on the Plains I.
    Danish on the Plains I
    Learn Danish and about Nebraska’s Danish immigrants.
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    3rd Annual Puzzle Tournament.
    3rd Annual Puzzle Tournament
    Jigsaw lovers, spend a fun afternoon at the SCC Puzzle tournament. 4-person teams, 2-person teams and individuals welcome!
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    Scarf Marbling.
    Scarf Marbling
    Drip, spread, rake, and have the perfect design on your silk scarf!
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    Whether You Knead It or Not.
    Whether You Knead It or Not
    You are not on the Great British Baking Show but you might as well be as you discover the world of Choux Pastry.
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    Learn to Write Japanese/The Art of Kimono.
    Learn to Write Japanese/The Art of Kimono
    Discover more about writing Japanese and wearing a kimono.
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    Learn to Crochet.
    Learn to Crochet
    To knit or crochet, that is the question.
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    Holiday-Themed Classes.
    Holiday-Themed Classes
    Checked out all of our holiday-themed classes this fall.
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    Fall 2019 Basic Cooking Skills.
    Fall 2019 Basic Cooking Skills
    Learn some basic skills that will put you on a path to culinary greatness.
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    Scrapfest Our Happy Place.
    Scrapfest: Our Happy Place
    Hey paper lovers—grab your supplies and join us for a weekend of scrapping time.
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    Friday Fun in the Kitchen.
    Friday Fun in the Kitchen
    Let’s have some Friday Fun with our foods classes: cheese making, Vietnamese Pho, Fruit Pie, Canning, or Gumbo—all on Fridays. Take a day off work and join us!
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