• Intro to T-shirt Quilts 101.
    Intro to T-shirt Quilts 101
    The scrapbook you can cuddle under.
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    Floral Design.
    Floral Design
    Jennifer Van Winkle.
    Faculty Spotlight - Learn more about Jennifer Van Winkle
    Small Scale Hemp Farming
    Acerage owners and home gardeners are asking a lot of questions about hemp. Discover what is involved in the process for the small farmer.
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    T’ai Chi for Beginners
    T'ai Chi promotes serenity through gently flowing movements, join us!
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    Belly Dance for Beginners & Level 2
    Shake and shimmy while having fun, improve strength and increase your muscle tone. No experience necessary!
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    Energize Your Body, Mind & Spirit.
    Energize Your Body, Mind & Spirit
    A mini retreat designed for anyone who is looking for a day to relax or those caring for others.
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    Basic Floral Design
    Work with fresh flowers and expert instructor as you learn the basics of floral design.
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    Performing Arts.
    Performing Arts
    Beginning Screenwriting
    Discover the basics necessary to write a compelling script that’s impossible to stop reading, vividly cinematic, properly formatted, and realistically produce-able.
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    Mind and Body.
    Mind  & Body
    Photography Classes.
    3rd Annual Puzzle Tournament.
    3rd Annual Puzzle Tournament
    Jigsaw lovers, spend a fun afternoon at the SCC Puzzle tournament. 4-person teams, 2-person teams and individuals welcome!
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    Discover the craft and creativity of photography in our series of classes.
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    Mindful Meditation
    Learn to meditate rather than medicate to calm your mind. We sit in chairs, not the floor.
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    Home and Garden
    Home & Garden
    Scrapfest: Once Upon a Time
    Photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone
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    Food Protection Manager Online 2019-2020
    Food Protection Manager Permit Online
    Accepted by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department for the sanitation training needed.
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    Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
    Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
    Tie Dye T-shirt
    Hey baby, love that crazy tie dye vibe? This is for you!
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    Show Your Door Some Love
    Be the envy of the neighbors as you show your door some love. Many options to preselect prior to class.
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    Sport, Recreation & Fitness.
    Sport, Recreation & Fitness
    Wood Shop
    Need a place to work on your wood projects in this cold weather? We have the place!
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