• Bridge Classes for All Levels.
    Bridge Classes for All Levels
    One of the keys to being a good bridge player is to think about the right thing at the right time. Let our bridge pro, Sheila Kepler, help you think it through.
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    Friday Fun in the Kitchen.
    Friday Fun in the Kitchen
    Let’s have some Friday Fun with our foods classes: cheese making, Vietnamese Pho, Fruit Pie, Canning, or Gumbo—all on Fridays. Take a day off work and join us!
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    Improv 101.
    Improv 101
    Spontaneous, entertaining and fun! Join the world of Improv in this extremely popular class.
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    Barn Quilts.
    Barn Quilts
    Choose your size 2-foot or 3-foot square. Don’t have a barn—no problem—these are becoming so popular as décor for your fence, garage or backyard shed.
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    Vintage Book Pumpkins.
    Vintage Book Pumpkins
    These are too cute for words! Space is limited in this class so don’t wait to sign up.
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    Beginning Wood Carving Summer 2019.
    Beginning Wood Carving
    Discover this age-old hobby as you learn carving techniques.
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    Whether You Knead It or Not.
    Whether You Knead It or Not
    You are not on the Great British Baking Show but you might as well be as you discover the world of Choux Pastry.
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    Shaking Your Family Tree Trip.
    Shaking Your Family Tree Trip
    The Midwest Genealogy Center is our destination. Research your family history with help from the experts.
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    Scarf Marbling.
    Scarf Marbling
    Drip, spread, rake, and voila...you have the perfect design on your silk scarf!
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    Summer 2019 Reclaimed Barn Wood Sign.
    Reclaimed Barn Wood Sign
    Huskers, Welcome or even your name can be put on the barn wood long sign. For your porch, entry or interior of your home. We’ve got the barn wood, so come paint it!
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