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  • This is a 15-hour open lab/shop course designed to teach the basics of dent repair, metal fabrication and the use of plastic fillers.First-time students are required to complete safety/shop orientation at the first session.

    Course Offerings

    Learn to read and use wiring schematics. Discover basic principles and applications of electronic circuits, electromagnetism and the safe use of a digital multi-meter when measuring volts, amperes and Ohms. Explore circuit theory to understand Ohm’s Law for series, parallel and series parallel circuits. Become versed in the design, safe operation and testing of lead acid storage batteries.

    Course Offerings

    This class is designed for people of all ages who are currently driving. Topics include how to check your oil and other fluids, how to check tire pressure, inflate tires and/or change a tire, as well as how to read tire sizes and tread wear. You also will understand the noises and warning lights in your car, battery maintenance, how to jump-start a car, the importance of scheduled maintenance (what to do and when), and more. Learning these important car-care details will help keep your automobile safely on the road.

    Course Offerings

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