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  • Rent or buy movies or download your favorite TV shows. iTunes is home to Apple music, where you can listen to millions of songs. You also can subscribe to podcasts, manage libraries, use iCloud to store your music, create playlists, and download CDs.

    Course Offerings

    Do you have envelopes full of negatives and slides or boxes of photos? Discover how to preserve them in a more organized form by scanning. We will look at scanning techniques and some of the devices to make scanning easy to do. Discussion will involve the software necessary to scan your negatives, slides and photos and look at the software “VueScan”. Have a negative, slide and/or print available to scan during the class and we will explore the process of scanning and saving those prints digitally so they will be memories forever.

    Course Offerings

    In this age of electronic information and security concerns, password management is a must. Come learn best practices and tips and tricks to keeping your passwords and private information secure. We’ll cover both mobile and home data security.

    Course Offerings

    Have you thought about selling stuff on line but never really ventured into it? Learn more about the primary places people sell items, (Craigslist, Facebook©️ marketplace and eBay®️) and how selling on these sites really works. We will talk about gotchas, and types of payment processing.

    This class is for personal sales ONLY. Business interest is welcome but it won’t be the focus of the class.

    Course Offerings

    Learn why Zoom is being used by millions to hold one to one meetings or group conversations! Zoom provides a fun and easy way to connect with family, friends or colleagues with the click of a button. You can see them and hear them. Learn how to set up a free account, join a meeting, host a meeting, share your screen, and record meetings. Learn the difference between free or paid plans. Ready, set, Zoom!

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