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Interpreter Training

  • SCC offers several courses focusing on skills training for interpreters. If you are interested in learning about the role of interpreting and translating, please answer these questions to see what your next step will be.

    1. Have you completed secondary education in the United States or another country?
    Yes or No

    2. Have you taken the NG Accuplacer test at SCC or another community college within the last three (3) years?
    Yes or No

    3. Is your NG Accuplacer Reading score 258 or above?
    Yes or No

    If you answered YES to all three (3) questions above, you are qualified to register for the "Role of the Interpreter & Translator" course.

    1. Reserve your seat at the required orientation by calling 402-437-2700.
      Located at the Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center, 301 S. 68th St. Place, Lincoln, NE.
      At the orientation, you will receive class overview and information on how to register for the course.
    2. There is no cost for the orientation.
    3. The Role of the Interpreter & Translator course cost is $219.
    4. Once you have registered for the course, you will need to purchase the required book at the SCC Campus Store, 8800 O St., Lincoln, or online. Bring the course number (SPCH-4004) with you.
    5. Attend class. Students need to attend all of the classes.

    If you answered NO to any of the three (3) questions above and you...

    1. Need to achieve your GED®.
      Contact the Adult Education Office
      SCC Education Square
      1111 O St., Room 214
      Lincoln, NE
    2. Take the NG Accuplacer test.
      Contact the SCC Testing Center
      8800 O St.
      Lincoln, NE

    Course Offerings

  • (noncredit: 4.0 CEUs)

    Prerequisites: Completion of secondary education (high school) and a qualifying Accuplacer score.

    You will be immediately immersed in focused discussions, lectures and problem-solving activities that highlight the everyday issues faced in interpreting. The goal of the course is to educate you about ethical behavior, what it means to be a “professional” and how these key proficiencies play an integral role in being a skilled and competent interpreter. This course will lay the foundation for additional SCC interpreter training courses. Required materials are available in the SCC Campus Store.

    • Check back soon.

    (noncredit: 4.0 CEUs)

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of The Role of the Interpreter & Translator

    Language interpreters will focus on the knowledge, skills, professional behavior, and commitment to professional development in the field of language interpreting in medical settings. Interpreters will define their medical interpreting skills, increase their knowledge of the health care industry in Lincoln, NE, and learn how to work in various medical settings. This interactive course will include focused discussions, lectures and problem-solving activities that highlight the topic of Language Interpreting in Medical Settings. Required textbook is available in the SCC Campus Store.

    Course Offerings

    (noncredit: 2.5 CEUs)

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Medical Interpreting

    This course will provide instruction on basic medical terms, procedures and pharmacies.

    Course Offerings

    • Check back soon.