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  • Leadership & Execution.
    Leadership & Execution

Leadership & Execution

  • The need for leaders at all levels is of critical importance to organizations across the globe. Companies are facing many new leadership challenges in the face of today’s changing business world. There is a demand for leaders with global fluency and flexibility and who possess the ability to innovate and inspire others to perform. Organizations are looking for leaders who have the ability to lead in uncertainty and who can align their leadership strategies and development with evolving business needs.

    Our rotating course offerings include:

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  • This course will outline the knowledge, skills and resources required for success as a community leader. Students will study how ordinary people can emerge as leaders who can best serve their communities in elected, appointed or volunteer positions. Community groups, organizations, local governing bodies and special-purpose districts are in constant need of new ideas to overcome various issues. Lecture, resource hunting and practical table-top exercises prepare students to use the knowledge and skills acquired for their new real world role as a community leader.

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    The nature of a business organization is to work as an interdependent team, but without trust there can be no dependence. Without trust there can be compliance but not commitment. There can be communication but not understanding. Finally, without trust there can be authority but not leadership. Participants will learn to appreciate the importance of trust, as well as how to build trust and what to do to repair relationships when trust is broken.

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    The quality of leadership can determine the culture, success and overall fate of an organization. Effective leadership is one of the most valuable training topics for those in a management role. This course is an interactive workshop that will focus on the following topics:

    • The role of trust and transparency in creating high performing teams that manage organizational changes effectively
    • Four primary communication styles and how to master communicating with each style
    • Coaching using a proven framework for providing feedback that motivates people to change
    • Investing in your team’s professional development and what employee’s want out of their development programs

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    This course will help you understand business, its organizations, goals, and measure. You’ll learn to appreciate the big picture of your organization, without losing the details of what you do each day. If you can learn to understand the holistic business, you are able to break down silos in your company and understand better financial statements and the key metrics “management” is focused on. Increase your financial literacy and begin to show your supervisors and managers you’ve got that extra something they are looking for.

    Some key topics:

    • Corporate governance
    • Profit and cost centers
    • Product lifecycles
    • Revenue, cost and margin
    • Measures and financial statements

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    Disturbance. Disorder. Disarrangement. Many people think these are negatives in the workplace, but Leadercast Live 2020 will show how disruption is the best way to make positive, lasting changes in your organization and beyond.

    The speakers who will take the stage are change-makers. They are trailblazers. They are people who face big ideas head-on and take their teams to new heights. Learn from our leadership experts on how to purposefully interrupt organizational functions to bring new energy, ideas, processes and success to your team.

    At Leadercast Live 2020, discover how to upset the status quo to incite positive change that will echo throughout your organization.

    The largest one-day leadership event in the world is broadcast live each year from Atlanta to hundreds of Host Sites around the world. This career-changing leadership event brings together globally respected experts on one stage to share knowledge and insights from their leadership journeys.

    Leadercast provides leaders of all levels with the tools and wisdom to grow in their leadership and transform their organizations for the better. By bringing together top leadership experts with worldly perspectives, Leadercast equips people around the world to be leaders worth following.

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    Influence is the capacity to build support for an idea, agenda or direction. The ability to influence without authority is the hallmark of a leader. Successful influencers maximize outcomes by building consensus and gaining cooperation. They exhibit personal authority that is not dependent solely on their position, enabling them to lead others in good times or in times of turmoil. In this interactive program, participants will learn key skills of influencing others and apply them to various scenarios.

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    Being a supervisor isn’t always easy. Gain insight on how to provide performance coaching and how to engage and motivate your staff all while avoiding those “supervisory games.” This training will help new and potential supervisors to become strong leaders providing quality leadership.

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  • Discover the keys to lead customer service with your team. From selecting customer service oriented employees to developing the best processes, you’ll find simple ways to increase your bottom line with outstanding customer service. By saving time and building lifelong customers you will develop lifelong customers.

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