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  • This course uses a practical approach to basic machining, including proper speed, feed rates and machine setups of drill presses, band saws, lathes, mills, and grinders.

    No outside projects are used in class. Students who successfully complete this class are eligible to take the advanced machine shop class, where instructor-approved outside projects are allowed.

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    This is a machine shop class designed to enhance individual skills. Students work on their own projects brought from home. Projects also can be supplied by the College to further help their development. There are no project completion requirements. Instructor assistance is available.

    All projects must be approved by the program chair of the PMA program. Operation of CNC equipment by persons that are not currently enrolled in the PMA program is not permitted without a thorough review of the individual’s ability which will be done by the PMA program chair or designated instructor.

    Course Offerings

    Lean is NOT just for manufacturing! Surprisingly, some of the biggest opportunities and most powerful results in a Lean Flow implementation come from health, financial or service industries. Lean Transactional will focus on customer-valued “transactions” or deliverables to understand process capability and optimization. Through classroom training and hands-on demonstrations, attendees will see how data is gathered to describe the process. The class will then learn tools and techniques to re-engineer the process by identifying and eliminating as much of value-killing waste as possible. The focus will then be on delivering the desired results in the most efficient manner.

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    If you are responsible for becoming more efficient and improving the performance of a company, division, unit, or department, consider joining the Lean Production System revolution. The course covers the concepts of lean management, lean management principles, concept of flow and continual improvement, and the basic requirements of lean and its implementation. The course is geared toward those working in manufacturing as a top- or mid-level manager, as a production/maintenance/quality/materials manager or executive, or as a quality consultant.

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    This six-hour class uses state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to provide hands-on training on increasing transfer efficiencies, decreasing material usage, spray booth maintenance, safety procedures, and environmental regulations. This technology shows each finisher how well they do within 1 percent for transfer efficiency and .5 mil for finish thickness.

    Participants completing this training by passing an exam will earn a five-year certification that can be used as an option to satisfy the federal certification standard and the Nebraska hazardous air pollutant best available control technology requirements.

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