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  • The need for leaders at all levels is of critical importance to organizations across the globe. Companies are facing many new leadership challenges in the face of today’s changing business world. There is a demand for leaders with global fluency and flexibility and who possess the ability to innovate and inspire others to perform. Organizations are looking for leaders who have the ability to lead in uncertainty and who can align their leadership strategies and development with evolving business needs.

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  • The nature of a business organization is to work as an interdependent team, but without trust there can be no dependence. Without trust there can be compliance but not commitment. There can be communication but not understanding. Finally, without trust there can be authority but not leadership. Participants will learn to appreciate the importance of trust, as well as how to build trust and what to do to repair relationships when trust is broken.

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    Influence is the capacity to build support for an idea, agenda or direction. The ability to influence without authority is the hallmark of a leader. Successful influencers maximize outcomes by building consensus and gaining cooperation. They exhibit personal authority that is not dependent solely on their position, enabling them to lead others in good times or in times of turmoil. In this interactive program, participants will learn key skills of influencing others and apply them to various scenarios.

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    Discover the keys to lead customer service with your team. From selecting customer service oriented employees to developing the best processes, you’ll find simple ways to increase your bottom line with outstanding customer service. By saving time and building lifelong customers you will develop lifelong customers.

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