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  • Intro to the Ukulele.
    Intro to the Ukulele
    Have your uke and join the beginner fun thru Zoom!
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    Photography Classes.
    Hula in a Coola Day.
    Hula in a Coola Day
    Join the fun and pretend you are in the warm Hawaiian islands as you learn the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian culture.
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    Lupe Hickey.
    Faculty Spotlight - Learn more about Lupe
    Quilling 101: Valentines & More.
    Quilling 101: Valentines & More
    Discover the basics of this unique paper art.
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    5th Annual Puzzle Tournament
    We have room for 4-person teams—join the fun!
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    Dog Training.
    Dog Training.
    Performing Arts.
    Performing Arts
    Mind and Body.
    Mind  & Body
    Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
    Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
    Gardening Series.
    Gardening Series
    Get your garden fix during the cold months via Zoom with our assortment of gardening classes. Jessie La Cross leads these fun, informational classes.
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    Music Classes.
    Jennifer Van Winkle.
    Faculty Spotlight - Learn more about Jennifer Van Winkle
    Leave the Needles at Home, Learn How to Knit with Your Arms
    Leave the Needles at Home, Learn How to Knit with Your Arms
    All you need is yarn to learn this unique craft!
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    Digitizing Memories.
    Digitizing Memories
    Negatives, slides, photos? Do you have boxes of these? Discover how to preserve these precious memories. Taught via Zoom.
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    Home and Garden
    Home & Garden
    Personal Development
    Floral Design.
    Floral Design
    Bus Trips.
    Bus Trips
    Money Matters.
    Money Matters
    Food Protection Manager Online 2019-2020
    Food Protection Manager Permit Online
    Accepted by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department for the sanitation training needed.
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    Sport, Recreation & Fitness.
    Sport, Recreation & Fitness
    Valentine Flambé.
    NEW! Valentine Flambé
    Friday night flambé—how fun is that?
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