Due to inclement weather, all SCC Campuses and Learning Centers will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021.
  • Photography Classes.
    Learn hula dancing.
    Hula in the Coola
    February is a cold month in Nebraska—why not join the fun and pretend you are in the warm Hawaiian islands as you learn the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian culture.
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    Lupe Hickey.
    Faculty Spotlight - Learn more about Lupe
    Dog Training.
    Dog Training.
    Puzzle Tournament (Pandemic Puzzling)
    The puzzle contest is slated for Feb. 13. We have the safety plans in place so find your most comfortable mask and get your "social bubble team" organized. After all this time at home puzzling, there should be new completion time records!
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    Mind and Body.
    Mind  & Body
    pretzel class.
    NEW! Twisted Pretzel Pairs
    Treat a kid (age 7-12) and let’s make pretzels! Soft dough pretzels and dipping sauces yummy!
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    Floral Design.
    Floral Design
    Home and Garden
    Home & Garden
    Money Matters.
    Money Matters
    Performing Arts.
    Performing Arts
    Bus Trips.
    Bus Trips
    You can draw class offering.
    You Can Draw!
    Learn to put what you see on paper.
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    Jennifer Van Winkle.
    Faculty Spotlight - Learn more about Jennifer Van Winkle
    Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
    Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
    Intro to Guitar & Ukulele class.
    Intro to Guitar & Ukulele
    Join in real time via Zoom with our instructor, Matt Erb, as you begin your guitar or Ukulele adventure.
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    Music Classes.
    Personal Development
    2nd Annual Puzzle Tournament
    Food Protection Manager Online 2019-2020
    Food Protection Manager Permit Online
    Accepted by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department for the sanitation training needed.
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    Sport, Recreation & Fitness.
    Sport, Recreation & Fitness
    Photography Classes via Zoom
    Explore the many options of photography classes offered via Zoom!  Beginning photography to editing using a camera or phone. Classes right from the comfort of your own living room.
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    winter perennial gardening via zoom.
    Gardening Zooms for Newbies & Veterans Alike
    These Zoom options will feed your gardening addiction through the cold winter months. Pick and choose the topics that pique your interest.
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