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    1. There are 11 voting members and one non-voting member on SCC’s Board of Governors.
    2. SCC offers more than 50 programs of study.
    3. SCC serves the 15-county region of southeast Nebraska.
    4. More than 90% of SCC graduates find jobs or continue their education.
    5. SCC students can earn the Associate of Applied Science degree, Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Occupational Studies degree, Associate of Science degree, the Diploma and Certificate.
    6. In 2011 the College had a fall enrollment of more than 11,000 students in credit classes, and another 24,000 students in non-credit courses through the Continuing Education Division on campuses and in communities throughout southeast Nebraska.
    7. SCC’s Entrepreneurship Center serves as a resource center for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.
    8. The Milford Campus was once home to the Sanitarium Park and Springs, and then to the Soldiers and Sailors Home.
    9. Technical and career education at SCC is divided into seven divisions: Agriculture/Food/Natural Resources; Business; Communications & Information Technology; Community Services & Resources; Construction & Electronics; Health Sciences; and Transportation & Manufacturing.
    10. Transfer students who begin their college careers at SCC and transfer credits to a four-year school graduate at rates comparable to those who began their college work at a four-year institution.
    11. SCC’s Beatrice Campus offers the following intercollegiate sports: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s golf and baseball, and women’s volleyball and softball. SCC-Beatrice also provides a variety of other activities, including art, theatre, vocal and instrumental music, and journalism.
    12. Summer 2011: Enrollment was 4,416 for online (WB) courses and 456 for hybrid (HB) courses.
    13. During the 2010-2011 academic year. Out of more than 1,200 community colleges nationwide, SCC ranked:
      • #1 in Precision Production for the eighth consecutive year.
      • #7 in Agriculture, Agriculture Operations & Related Sciences, up five spots from 2010.
      • #14 in Engineering Technologies and Engineering-Related Fields, up 16 spots from 2010.
      • #34 in Science Technologies/Technicians, up six spots from 2008.
      • #35 in All Disciplines – Non-Minority, up 19 spots from 2010.
    14. SCC was the first postsecondary technical institution exclusively offering two-year postsecondary degrees in vocational/technical programs, as established by the Nebraska Unicameral in 1941 at Milford.
    15. During WWII, more than 1,000 war production workers and specialized technicians, both men and women, were trained at the Nebraska State Trade School, now the Milford Campus. During this war period between 1942 and 1943, the College operated 24/7, changing instructors and students every 8 hours.
    16. The first two health programs were originally a branch of Lincoln Public Schools. Continuing Education then became Lincoln Technical College in the late ‘60s.
    17. In a special election in February, 1967, only 52.3% of Lincoln residents voted for the establishment of a community college—not enough to meet the state law required to move forward.
    18. The original cost to build the Lincoln Campus was $4,625,000--$25/square foot, and the project was completed in 21 months.
    19. The Challenge is SCC’s student newspaper and is available both in print and online.
    20. SCC offers more than 300 and 12 entire programs online.
    21. SCC’s creative works publication, Illuminations, won first place in the national Community College Humanities Association literary magazine competition.
    22. In 1978, SCC’s 40-foot Career Planning Center—mounted on a green GMC semi and dubbed the “Jolly Green Giant”—rolled into shopping centers and other venues in our 15 county area offering free career advising services to our constituents.
    23. SCC has a mobile "App" entitled MOX!
    24. Southeast Community College has a fire and rescue training center located on the Lincoln Campus that is jointly used by the College, Lincoln Fire Rescue and Nebraska Task Force 1, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency search and rescue team based in Lincoln.
    25. Southeast Community College has the only Motorcycle, ATV & Personal Watercraft Program in the state.
    26. The SCC Beatrice Campus athletic programs have had the following three mascot names: The Bombers, The Blue Devils, and currently The Storm.
    27. The Energy Square location used to be a retail space called Centrum.
    28. SCC has partnered with leading industry manufacturers like Chick-fil-a, Burlington Northern, Girl Scouts, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and John Deere for Cooperative Education training programs.
    29. The Beatrice Campus history:
      • 1941: Fairbury Junior College opened in Fairbury, NE.
      • 1944: The college closed during W.W. II.
      • 1946: The college re-opened.
      • 1973: Southeast Community College initially organized with campuses from Fairbury, Lincoln, and Milford.
      • 1975: SCC received the Pershing Campus to remodel and utilize (John J. Pershing College opened in 1966 and closed in 1971—there was only one graduating class!).
      • 1980: The Agriculture Program moved from Milford to Beatrice.
      • 1986: Fairbury and Beatrice Campuses merged. Fairbury closed.
    30. All of the Beatrice Campus buildings are named after Presidents. The Lincoln Building name was changed to Kennedy because students were becoming confused about where to go when someone said, “Go to Lincoln to register”.  Some of them drove 45 miles instead of going up the hill.
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