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Chelsea Honnens

  • ChelseaH-webGraphic Design/Media Arts alumna, Chelsea Honnens
    Graduated in fall of 2015, Associate Designer at Swanson Russell

    GD|MA: What originally brought you to SCC’s Graphic Design | Media Arts program?

    Chelsea: I had been interested in graphic design since early high school but wasn’t sure I could afford a four-year college, so SCC seemed like a great opportunity. When I saw the work that was coming out of the program it really impressed me, and I wanted to be a part of it.

    GD|MA: What do you like about graphic design?

    Chelsea: As a graphic designer, one of your main roles is as a communicator. You translate information and turn it into something that is visually interesting and easy to understand. For example, I love looking at something that started as a boring Microsoft Word document that nobody would want to read, and turn it into something exciting or helpful to the user. Almost everything physical was designed by someone, from your tax form to billboards. I like being able to have a part in making sure that the pieces I’m putting out into the world are making information easier to understand and more enjoyable.

    GD|MA: How would you describe your experience at GD|MA?

    Chelsea: Overall, it was the most difficult 18 months, but consistently the most rewarding. The program demands a lot of you, sometimes just about all of you. But it’s incredible how much you learn and transform your skills when you’re committed to one thing so fiercely. Every day I learned something new, so as challenging as it was, it was exciting.

    GD|MA: How did the program prepare you for work?

    Chelsea: The program does a great job of simulating an agency environment. For example, the teachers serve as your art directors. You have mock (and sometimes real) clients, and you make many revisions before your work is finished. I was surprised to find how similar the process was in school to the real world. In other ways, the program prepared me to give presentations and talk about my work, gave me a strong base of Web development, take criticism graciously, and how to give constructive feedback.

    GD|MA: What is one of your favorite memories about your time in the program?

    Chelsea: The sense of family is something I will cherish forever. During my time, we were in class 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day with the same 10-15 people. We often went out to lunch together, stayed after to work on projects with each other, and celebrated holidays together such as a Thanksgiving potluck or a secret Santa exchange. We were all from different backgrounds, and I will always remember that experience.

    GD|MA: What would you say to others considering graphic design at SCC?

    Chelsea: Research the program and look at the high level of work the students create. SCC will prepare you better for the field of graphic design than any other local school, and will be more affordable. In order to succeed, you need to give this program your all for 18 months. It’s a big commitment, but it’s worth it.

    GD|MA: What are your goals for the future?

    Chelsea: I’m really happy in my current job because there is a lot of opportunity for growth, and I’m always learning new things. My focus is generally on print design, but I’m also learning a lot about Web development and UX design, as well. There’s a saying, ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room,’ and I really take that to heart. I’m passionate about furthering my education and learning as much as I can for as long as I can.