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    Explanation of an Artist - Chenile Dupuis 

Chenile Dupuis

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    Chenile Dupuis is a talented artist who contributed two drawings to Volume 16. Although she modestly calls them “doodles,” there’s subtle complexity to the visions in these drawings.

    Illuminations:  Hello, Chenile! Your artwork for Vol. 16, "Explanation of an Artist," has much for the eye to look at. Tell us about this interesting piece.

    Chenile: This is really just one of my classic doodles. I was feeling inspired by artists and creative people in general and wanted to pay homage to the depths of what an artist naturally is and also how he or she is required to dig into him or herself to pull out a work of art.

    I:  Interesting. "Beauty Behind Bars/In a Strange, Strange Land" is an equally intriguing image. What's the story behind this one?

    C: Again, this can be considered a doodle. No real thought behind it. I just wanted to draw a flower, and everything else evolved naturally.

    I: In your Vol. 16 biography, you mention that you have a degree in music business, have worked in the music industry, and are a musician yourself. What kind of musician are you?

    C: I am an avid musician. I play a little bit of everything, but my main instrument is the acoustic guitar. I would say my style can be compared to the likes of Jewel and Joan Baez.

    I: You also mention that you keep your nose in books. Obviously, you seem to be an artsy person. How important do you think it is to expose yourself to the arts when you're interested in making art yourself?

    C: I think all art is inspired by other art. The basis of creativity is inspiration. A piece of music can be inspired by a building, and an entire painting can be inspired by a single word.

    I: You're currently in the Office Professional Program. Do you see yourself still making art ten years down the road?

    C: Absolutely! If I am not being creative in some way, there would definitely be a sense that something is missing in my life.

    I: I hear you. What advice would you give those who are interested in drawing and possibly contributing to Illuminations?

    C: In art, there are no rules. Don't judge yourself!

    I: Good advice, Chenile. And finally, the silly question of the day:  When was the last time you went barefoot in public?

    C: I don't remember, but I am going to go ahead and do that right now!