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HMRS-1403 - Assmnt/Cse Mng/Prof Ethics-A/D

Professional Ethics for A & D This course will address standards of conduct and professional behavior expectations for counselors. Ethical standards to be studied may include non-discrimination, responsibilities and integrity, competence, moral standards, client welfare, legal issues, client relationships, inter-professional relationships, remuneration and societal obligations. In addition, learning will address the process of collecting client data for making decisions regarding alcohol/drug disorder diagnosis, level of care placement, treatment and referral. An introduction to assessment tools including The Addiction Severity Index (ASI), The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) and other assessment tools will be conducted. Students will study and practice record keeping, development of alcohol/drug assessment summaries, treatment plans, progress notes, discharge plans and clinical case review including case management activities to bring together services, agencies and resources to achieve client treatment goals while adhering to confidentiality as it relates to these areas.
Academic Level
HMRS-Human Services
Human Services
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