JDAT-1242 - John Deere Engine Repair

Prerequisite: JDAT1146. This course deals with basic physical principles, operation and construction of two- and four-stroke cycle engines. It includes ignition timing of four-stroke cycle engines to factory specifications. Basic diagnostic engine test procedures will be practiced on spark and compression ignition engines. This course also covers the types of internal combustion engine cooling systems, lubrication systems, air intake systems, and exhaust systems. Also covered is the basic theory, construction and operation of the engine valve train and the cylinder head, including valve timing and adjustments of actual John Deere engines. Basic repair procedures and operation of valve and seal reconditioning will be performed on actual cylinder heads. Also included are design, construction, operation, and service methods for the following engine components: crankshafts, connecting rods, piston assemblies, cylinder liners, bearings, and related engine accessories. Lab activities include disassembly, inspection, measurements, reassembly, and adjustments performed on John Deere engines. Shop safety is stressed at all times.
Academic Level
JDAT-John Deere Ag Tech
John Deere Tech
  • Take JDAT-1140 JDAT-1142 WELD-1190 JDAT-1146