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NURS-1308 - Pathophysiology Thr Lifespan

Prerequisites: BIOS1140, BIOS2130, CHEM1050 or CHEM1090, and BIOS1110. Students may take this course as soon as prerequisite courses are completed and are not required to wait until they are in the ADN core classes. This course is designed for students pursuing a career in nursing or other health related fields. Students are introduced to concepts related to mechanisms of the disease process. Foundational concepts of inflammation, immunity, infection and neoplastic alterations are applied to each body system. The relationship of signs and symptoms to specific diseases are discussed. Students will become familiar with terminology directly associated with disease process, i.e, etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, etc. Disease concepts will include specific applications throughout the lifespan, including developmental and genetic alterations. Effects of aging are explained. Students will identify common diagnostic and treatment modalities.
Academic Level
NURS-Associate Degree Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing
  • Take BIOS-1140 BIOS-2130 BIOS-1110
  • Take CHEM-1050 or CHEM-1090
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