Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteers are the key to our success!!

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    Volunteers allow us to provide individual attention and encouragement to students. Volunteers make a big difference in student success. Their patience, guidance and encouragement help adults reach their goals. Two hours per week can help someone with reading, writing, math, or learning to speak English.

    The Volunteer Coordinator for the ABE program arranges for tutors to work in a classroom setting in small groups or with students who need one-on-one help. The Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment, orientation and placement of volunteers based on needs in the program. 

    The Volunteer Coordinator is available to handle any questions, suggestions, concerns or requests that volunteers bring forward.

    Become a Volunteer Tutor

    Requirements for becoming a Volunteer Tutor: High school diploma and a desire to help adults succeed!
    Want more information on becoming a volunteer? View our Volunteer Booklet or visit our FaceBook page.
  • Contacts

    Vicki Carper

    Lincoln Campus

    Tel: 402-437-2666

    Toll Free: 800-828-0072 ext. 2666


    Vicki Carper
    Lincoln Campus
    800-828-0072 ext. 2666