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COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

  • The Southeast Community College Educational Foundation has created the SCC COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund to support SCC students and their families who are, or could soon be, in need of emergency funds as a result of the global COVID-19 health crisis.

    Please consider a monetary gift to this fund so that this crisis does not undermine the education of our students and their futures.

    Your donation will support students struggling with:

    • Hunger
    • Lack of childcare
    • Inability to fund medical costs
    • Inability to afford housing
    • Lack of electricity and heating
    • Insufficient learning technology

    Your gift allows SCC to react quickly to student needs as they arise.

    Gifts can be made through the link below, or mail your check, payable to:
    SCC Educational Foundation
    301 S. 68th St. Place
    Lincoln, NE 68510

    Students struggling often face the following challenges that could negatively impact their education:

    • FOOD INSECURITY: Nationally, 50% of community college students report food insecurity. That’s likely to get worse as unemployment rises.
    • LOSS OF INCOME: 83% of SCC students work at least part time. Those with customer-facing jobs, such as our students who work in food service, are the likeliest to lose those jobs, and with it their ability to afford rent and utilities.
    • CHILD CARE EXPENSES: 15% of SCC students have children who live with them and/or depend on them for care. Those who have lost jobs have also lost income for childcare, forcing them to choose between leaving their children unsupervised while they attend classes or abandoning their education.
    • MEDICAL EXPENSES: Students who contract COVID-19 or have other health problems may choose not to seek treatment for fear that they can’t afford it. Others who do receive healthcare may have medical bills they can’t afford.
    • TECHNOLOGY: Students who lack updated technology may not be able to access SCC’s online delivery model. They may be unable to stay enrolled.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Dr. Jack J. Huck
    Executive Director
    SCC Educational Foundation

    Dr. Paul Illich
    Southeast Community College