COVID-19 Update: On-site face-to-face credit classes and labs will be held as shown in the 2020 Fall Class Schedule. The first day of the Fall Semester is Monday, Aug. 24, 2020.
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    SCC Psychology Sociology Club with VoH Video 
    Health, Safety & Well-Being during COVID-19.

Health, Safety & Well-Being

  • What is SCC doing to keep me safe?
    The SCC Incident Response Team is monitoring circumstances and meeting on a regular basis. The College also is receiving guidance from local health authorities as well as the CDC. Based on new recommendations from state and local health authorities, all SCC facilities will be closed to students and the public, and all services, classes, and labs will be delivered virtually.

    What do I do if I feel anxious about COVID-19?
    We want everyone to feel safe. If you need to talk to a counselor or have any questions, please contact our Counseling Assistance Program for Students (CAPS) at 402-437-2286 in Lincoln, 402-228-8135 in Beatrice and 402-761-8451 in Milford.

    Will student clubs and organizations have meetings or events?
    Various student organizations will meet via Zoom. Please contact the advisor for the group to see when they are meeting.

    What if I start to feel bad physically and mentally?
    Please remember to take care of yourself! For health and wellness information, go to: and and And don’t forget SCC has the Counseling Assistance Program for Students (CAPS) that is here to assist you. Go to: for lots of great information about this service.

    Who can I contact if I think I’ve been exposed, or if I encounter someone who says they’ve been exposed?
    We now have a category in TIPS to report possible or confirmed COVID-19 exposure and cases. This will help us track and follow-up so that we can ensure safety for the campus and community.

    I live on campus. What is the situation with residence halls?
    Students who move out of their residence hall for the remainder of the 2020 Spring Semester and complete checkout paperwork prior to Sunday, March 29, 2020, will receive a 50% prorated credit of room and board costs based on their housing facility and dining plan. The credit will be applied to any outstanding balance on the student’s account, and the remaining credit will be refunded to the student. Those who are off campus will be asked to schedule a time to return for their belongings and check out prior to March 29. Any students who have travel difficulties with this date will need to communicate with Toni Landenberger, Dean of Students, Beatrice Campus, at or 402-228-8286, or Stacy Riley, Dean of Students, Milford Campus, at or 402-761-8270.