COVID-19 Update: On-site face-to-face credit classes and labs will be held as shown in the 2020 Fall Class Schedule. The first day of the Fall Semester is Monday, Aug. 24, 2020.
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Virtual Advising

  • During this uncertain time, SCC’s advising staff wants to make sure you are certain of a few things.

    What should I do if I need to speak to an advisor, success coach, instructor, or other staff?
    While we are asking students to physically distance from all SCC locations, we are still here for you. Please reach out via email. We will answer your questions and help you navigate this new way of learning. Not sure who to contact? Please email and we will get back to you quickly!

    Can I still access the food pantry on my campus?
    Yes, if you need to access the food pantry on your campus, please contact your Dean of Students:
    Beatrice: Toni Landenberger at or 402-228-8286
    Lincoln: Theresa Webster at or 402-437-2559 or 402-202-5938
    Milford: Stacy Riley at or 402-761-8270 or 402-806-0017

    Is there anyone I can talk to if I’m feeling bad mentally?
    Yes! If you need counseling services and you’re already working with a counselor, please contact them. They are able to provide counseling virtually. If you want to begin counseling, please contact Kalika Jantzen at or 402-437-2286. For additional resources for both mental and physical health, go to: and and

    I’m having some anxiety taking classes online. What can I do?
    We know that a move to online classes may be unsettling. Please reach out to your instructors and advisors before making any decisions about moving forward in classes. We have online resources you can utilize, and we want to help you. This is new territory for all of us.

    I’m not real comfortable using Zoom. Can you help me?
    Yes! Zoom tutoring (virtual tutoring) is available for all SCC students, and students may use tutors from any campus. Tutors are available to help students navigate courses in the new online format, help students understand new processes and help with learning content. Below are instructions for Zoom tutoring.

    1. Go to the Tutoring page on The Hub
    2. Click on your Campus tab to see a list of subject tutors
    3. Use the Email listed by the identified subject needed
    4. Type ("subject requested" Tutoring) in subject line
    5. Request immediate help or suggest day/time for appointment
    6. The tutor will confirm the appointment with email
    7. At the designated time, you will receive a Zoom link to open and begin the session

    Still have questions? Don’t worry! Send us an email to and we’ll help you any way we can!