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  • Dawn Clover, Administrative Assistant, Business DepartmentDawnClover-web

    Dawn Clover works as an Administrative Assistant for SCC’s Business Department, and her marvelous photos have been published in two volumes of Illuminations. We caught up with Dawn to hear her take on photography and on her future plans.

    Illuminations: Hi, Dawn! First off -- you seem to specialize in beautiful photos of nature or lovely old architecture – barns, wagons, and so on. Why are you drawn to these subjects?

    Dawn:  I was born on a farm, and my paternal grandparents lived on a farm. I have always liked antiques, not only because they were family heirlooms but because they came with a story. I also believe that the old barns and wagons have stories of their own; it is too bad no one is here to tell it.

    I:  Hopefully, your photos tell a story for them. How have you seen your photography skills improve over the years – and what advice would you give others looking to improve their skills?

    D: When I first started photography, I was using a film camera. I know, it seems so long ago. There were no retakes once the event was over, and there were a lot of missed shots and opportunities to capture time. I have since progressed to a digital camera, and I love it. You have instant results! I enrolled in all of the photography classes at SCC. At the time, I thought they were over my head, and I didn’t really learn much. The actuality of it was that my camera was over my head, and I didn’t understand it. I would say start with a smaller camera and don’t jump in head first with a professional camera like I did. Join some Facebook groups and maybe find others that will take you under their wings and let you shadow them or take the time to teach you one on one.

    I: Hope, given this answer, what role has writing played in your life?

    H:  It has helped me tremendously as I worked through some major life changes. My poem, "The Summer's Storm," was written during a painful ending of a 30-year marriage and the loss of a job I loved greatly. Comparing what I was feeling to the building of the storm with its uncertainty helped me work through fears that I was feeling. I will continue to use poetry to help me work through things that will arise in my life.

    I:  Good advice, Dawn! You mentioned in your Volume 16 biography that you’d love to pursue a degree in photography – do you see this happening for you?

    D: Right now, I don’t foresee me pursuing a degree in photography. I still have student loans from my current degree and would like to get them paid off first. However, there is always retirement! It will give me something to work towards.

    I: Absolutely! In that retirement or sooner, do you see yourself opening your own photography business?

    D: At this point I am not confident enough in my work to open my own photography business. I know there is also a lot of expense to it, as well. I would like to someday; I have started collecting “props” for photo shoots, but that is as far as I have gotten. I have completed some photo shoots for friends with the condition that I could use their photos in my portfolio. So I would say at this point, it is a work in progress.

    I: Good to hear. Why do you feel that Illuminations matters to SCC? Would you encourage others to submit?

    D: I think that Illuminations lets students, faculty, and staff express themselves out of the school environment. It shows how they de-stress, their strengths, and their talents. I would definitely encourage someone to submit to Illuminations. You can’t even begin to describe the feeling you get when you find out your submission(s) have been chosen.

    I: I hope many people out there heed your advice! And finally, the silly question of the day – what song do you love to dance to?

    D: My favorite song I like to dance to is “Wipeout” because I used to dance to it with my mom.

    I: That matters. Thanks so much, Dawn!

Dawn Clover