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Degree Audit for Financial Aid

  • Taking Courses Outside Your Program Degree Requirements

    Federal regulations prohibit SCC from awarding financial aid to you for classes that do not count toward your degree. Most of our programs require elective credits and those courses are used to determine your financial aid eligibility. You can take classes outside your academic requirements but understand your financial aid eligibility will not include these classes. This may result in your financial aid award being reduced.

    Your financial aid award is applied directly to your tuition bill. If your award amount is reduced, your tuition charges may still be fully covered.

    Every student’s situation is different and we are here to help you make the best decision for you. Be sure to monitor your SCC student email account for important information from our office. If you are registered for a class that doesn’t apply to your degree or diploma, please follow these steps:

    1. Speak with a college advisor to make sure your academic program plan is entered into our system correctly and matches your educational goals. Your advisor will identify the classes required for your SCC degree.
    2. Visit our Financial Aid Office to see how taking classes outside your program requirements may affect your financial aid award package.

    Types of Classes:

    You can register for any class you want. The best way to maximize your financial aid eligibility is by taking classes that are required for your academic program at SCC. Be aware that taking classes outside your academic requirements may result in it taking longer for you to graduate and additional out-of-pocket expenses. You will want to speak with an academic advisor to see if there’s a similar course you can take that will apply to your academic requirements. Speak with our Financial Aid Office to determine if your financial aid package will be adjusted based on your registration.

    Speak with your academic advisor to determine if these classes will be covered by your financial aid package:

    • Transfer Classes: Once you complete requirements for your SCC degree or diploma, federal financial aid will not cover additional classes you might need to meet the needs of your transfer destination. You may still want to take these classes at SCC but you are responsible to cover the cost.
    • Developmental Classes: The federal government considers these preparatory classes for successful completion of college level courses. Financial aid will pay a maximum of 30 credit hours each developmental courses. Speak with your Financial Aid Office for details about developmental courses and how they can affect your financial aid award.
    • Intercollegiate Athletics Courses: If you are a student athlete, intercollegiate athletics courses count as elective courses in some, but not all, programs of study. If you are enrolled in a program of study where Intercollegiate Athletic courses are NOT part of your degree plan, check with the Financial Aid office to see how excluding this course(s) may affect your financial aid eligibility.

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