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More About: Diesel Technology-Truck


    Program Goals

    1. Provide technical training in the area of diesel truck service, specifically engines, power train systems, basic hydraulic systems, brake systems, electrical/electronic systems, heating and air-conditioning systems, steering and suspension systems, and preventative maintenance.
    2. Provide an effective training program that meets the employment needs of truck dealerships, truck fleet service facilities and independent truck service shops. 
    3. Provide students with safe working habits so as not to injure themselves, others, or personal property. 
    4. Instill in the student a sense of punctuality and time management. 

    Cooperative Education

    Students at SCC are employed by area businesses and industries and have the opportunity to learn while doing through the College's Cooperative Education Experience. Students will work in positions related to their career goals. Student objectives are established through mutual agreement by the student, the employer, and the cooperative education experience coordinator. Progress is evaluated at designated time(s) during the period of employment. SCC's Cooperative Education Experience is designed for students who have completed specific courses in their Program of Study and have achieved a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0. Coordinators work closely with employers and students to determine the optimum Cooperative Education arrangement. Students register for the experience and earn college credit while being paid a salary for the cooperative experience. The salary is set by the employer and agreed upon by the student.