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More About: Early Childhood Education


    Program Goals:

    1. Prepare students to provide quality, developmental care and education for children ages birth through age eight.
    2. Provide students with the opportunity to develop skills which include critical and reflective thinking, problem solving, creativity and practical reasoning.
    3. Provide instruction and courses that will allow students to understand the importance of quality early care and education to children, families, communities, and society as a whole.
    4. Enable students to have an understanding of themselves and others, to appreciate their similarities and differences, and to work together as a team with colleagues, parents and the community.
    5. Provide a program of study that is a leader in the advancement of theory and practice in the field of early childhood education.

    Award Descriptions

    1. The A.A.S degree is a vocational degree with a focus on teaching and administration in an early childhood setting. Those working toward this degree study child development birth to age eight, curriculum development and implementation, as well as program administration and leadership.
    2. The A.A degree is designed for students who intend to transfer to a four year  college/university to attain teacher certification credentials to then teach in a public or private school preschool to grade 3.
    3. The Early Childhood diploma is designed for those interested in working in a support role directly with young children birth to age eight. The courses are designed to prepare students in understanding child development, appropriate curriculum and methods for supporting children's learning and development.
    4. The Early Childhood certificate is available in three options – Infant  Toddler, Preschool or In Home Care. The certificate provides relevant curriculum for work in an infant or toddler setting, preschool setting or an in-home setting.
    5. Classes in each program option can ultimately build into the next higher diploma/degree.
    6. Starting dates - The program accepts new students in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Students can be either full- or part-time.
    7. Course delivery options - Courses in the ECED program are offered at a variety of times and formats including days, evenings, condensed time frames and online.
    8. College credit given for Child Development Associate (CDA) certification.