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Educational Foundation FAQ

  • What is the Southeast Community College Educational Foundation?

    The Southeast Community College Educational Foundation is a separate, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation whose purpose is to support the mission of Southeast Community College. 

    Can I designate my gifts for a particular purpose?

    Yes. To do this, indicate the area you want to direct your gift to on the pledge card.

    Can a scholarship for our business or family be established?

    Yes. We will work with you on developing a scholarship to match the needs of your business or family.

    Is my contribution tax deductible?

    Yes. The SCCEF is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

    How will the Foundation manage my gift?

    The Foundation will seek the highest possible return consistent with a prudent regard for legal consideration, fiduciary responsibility and safety of capital.

    Whom do I contact for more information?

    You can call the SCC Educational Foundation Office at (402) 323-3411, or email Jack Huck at
  • Contacts

    Jack Huck

    Executive Director

    Education Square
    Room 214

    Tel: 402-323-3411

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Ext: 3411

    Jeanette Volker

    Associate Director

    Education Square
    Room 214

    Tel: 402-323-3488

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Ext: 3488