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  • Electronic Systems Technology
    94% Graduate Employment/Transfer rate
    Earn your degree in Electronic Systems Technology by taking our evening program.
    94% Graduate Employment/Transfer rate
    Choose from Electronic Systems Technician, Electronic Systems Military or Computers, Automation and Networking Systems focus areas.
    94% Graduate Employment/Transfer rate
    Earn your degree in Electronic Systems Technology by taking our evening program.
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Electronic Systems Technology

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    SCC’s Electronic Systems Technology program offers a schedule that’s right for you. Work during the day? No problem. Earn your degree by taking our evening courses. Work at night? No worries there either. Our daytime program will enable you to get through the program in a timely manner.

    Prepare yourself for a variety of career opportunities, including industrial automation systems, both manned and unmanned robotic systems, commercial and personal networking systems, avionics electronics, biomedical, communications and many other commercial electronic systems, as well as non-commercial and personal systems. A degree in Electronic Systems Technology can open a variety of exciting, stable and lifelong career opportunities.

    You're a Good Fit for this program because . . .


    Classroom and laboratory activities are designed to prepare technicians by having many classes with 50 percent theory and 50 percent lab. SCC assumes you have no prior knowledge of electronics. Therefore, all classes are sequenced as building blocks for you to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the program. Students engage in laboratory activities for hands-on learning opportunities to practice and enhance their skills to become electronic technicians. Skills taught to and developed by students include soft skills, troubleshooting, hardware configuration, equipment installation, and programming. As students progress through the program, they will develop skills needed to use analog and digital multimeters, function generators, analog and digital oscilloscopes, frequency counters, RF generators, spectrum analyzers and many other types of equipment to test, configure, design, and repair electronic circuits and equipment. Our staff has many years of experience teaching, along with a diverse skill set in electronic technology. Become part of this excellent hidden career field that society depends upon every day.

    While certifications are not required, you will be encouraged and given opportunities and assistance to obtain certification in the following while taking classes:

    • iNARTE Certification (without testing)
    • International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET)
    • CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
    • NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician
    • Network +
    • CompTIA A+

    Note: SCC staff is working on Solder standards and the certification of all students.


    The mission of the Electronic Systems Technology program is to prepare students to install, configure, analyze, test, maintain, and repair consumer electronics, industrial controls, robotics, security systems, communication systems, computer systems, and networks.

    Employment Outlook

    Opportunities for long-term employment, consistent working hours, increasing job responsibilities, and great salaries are available to those who enter this ever-changing profession. Technicians are needed in all aspects of the electronic and information technology industry. The electronic industry is constantly changing and expanding into new technologies that require highly skilled technicians to install these systems and keep them going. Recent graduates report an average annual starting salary of $35,672.

    Companies who recently hired program graduates:

    • Archer Daniels Midland
    • Americom Communications
    • Aurora Technology
    • Becton Dickinson
    • Bosch Communications/Telex
    • Consolidated Electrical Distributors
    • Digitech Systems
    • Duncan Aviation
    • EAD Controls
    • Eakes Office Plus
    • Educational Service Units
    • EF Johnson Technologies
    • Electro-Motive Diesel
    • Electronic Contracting Co.
    • Federal Aviation Administration
    • General Fire & Safety Equipment Co.
    • Halliburton Energy Services
    • Houchen Bindery Ltd.
    • JA Woollam Company
    • Molex Inc.
    • Nebraska Prime Group
    • Nebraska Public Power District
    • Novartis Consumer Health
    • Sandhills Publishing
    • Security Equipment Inc.
    • Sensory Effects Cereal Systems
    • Shaffer Communications Inc.
    • Siemens Building Technologies
    • Single Source Communications
    • Technical Maintenance & Services
    • Teledyne Isco
    • Tenneco Automotive
    • Time-Warner Cable
    • Union Pacific Railroad
    • Valmont Industries

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