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More About: Electronic Systems Technology

  • June 8, 2009

    SCC's Electronic Systems Technology Program Recertified By FAA

    Southeast Community College's Electronic Systems Technology program was recertified after a site visit in late April, according to John Pierce, program chair.

    Tom Wood of Crown Consulting, Inc., visited the program on the Lincoln Campus and recertified it on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration.

    "Obviously, we are very proud to have earned this certification again and hope many of our students will take advantage of the many opportunities that await them," Pierce said. "The FAA currently has numerous technical positions available throughout their territories. The average salary for an electronic technician working for the FAA is $33,700 to $61,100."

    Crown Consulting of Redondo Beach, Calif., is the sole contractor with FAA to certify technical programs at educational institutions. The visit included detailed analyses of all the electronics labs and each course syllabus, lab projects, quizzes, tests and other pertinent details relative to the EST degree program. Certification was received May 7, 2009.

    The College also offers the program at its Milford Campus.

    The FAA is responsible for the installation and maintenance of electronic systems utilized for air traffic control and safety within the continental United States and many possessions abroad. Technology utilized by the FAA and maintained by its technical staff includes, but is not limited to, automation, communications, surveillance radar, weather radar, navigation and landing systems, and environmental and power systems.

    Pierce said Wood's visit revealed that SCC's EST program exceeds the FAA's expectations and requirements for the FAA Technical Operations Collegiate Training Initiative Program and validates existing partner agreements.

    Upon departure, Pierce asked Wood to describe the quality of SCC's program in three words. He chose "I would enroll," followed by "FAA repair facility" to describe his study of the College's EST program.

    "He said that few schools he visits all over the world match the depth and attention to quality that SCC's EST program provides on a regular basis to our students," Pierce said.

    Certification with the FAA means that SCC graduates can participate in internship programs with the FAA wherever they are available within the jurisdiction of the FAA. The internship program, when offered, is an opportunity for SCC students to work part-time with a local FAA branch office and, if an opening for a full-time employee is available at graduation, the student may be hired full-time. SCC graduates may also add the certification to their resumes and will likely be top candidates for any FAA technical operations job nationwide due to graduating from an FAA-certified school.

    SCC has the only FAA-certified electronics program in Nebraska and is one of only 12 in the Midwest.