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Facilities Master Plan Information

  • Workforce development is a top priority in southeast Nebraska

    Southeast Community College plays a vital role for our communities in southeast Nebraska by bridging the higher education affordability gap for many students and families, as well as filling the need for qualified workers in Nebraska.

    • Open access to higher education
    • Provide lower cost alternative for higher education
    • Provide career/technical and academic transfer programs
    • Meet employer needs for a qualified workforce
    • Offer customized training to meet local employer needs
    • Provide continuing education courses

    Southeast Community College has the potential to directly address the increasing demand for qualified workers and the higher education affordability gap. To do this, we need to modernize, renovate, rebuild, and expand to meet the needs of our students, families and communities. We have waiting lists for our popular programs like welding and nursing, and a need for more employees for businesses in these fields. And with the growing population in southeast Nebraska, there will be even more need for open access to education, lower cost alternatives and proper training for real jobs.