Federal Work Study

  • Federal Work Study is a federally-funded program of part-time employment for students with financial need. This program allows students to earn money to help pay for their educational expenses. The Office of Financial Aid determines eligibility using federal guidelines. Employment can be in a variety of positions in various departments. Receipt of FWS is dependent upon securing a student employee position on or off campus. Eligible students who are interested in FWS must complete a Student Employee Application and apply for the positions in which they are interested. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Annual award amount: Varies based on eligibility.
    Enrollment required: Students must be enrolled. The academic year begins with the Summer Quarter and ends with the Spring Quarter.


    1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
    2. Student Employment Application. Forms can be found online or picked up at the Financial Aid office on the campus where you will be completing your Program of Study.

    Current job listings may be found at www.collegecentral.com/southeast. Listings are also available in the Financial Aid Offices.

    Federal Work Study (FWS) Terms and Conditions

    • The student must have a valid FAFSA on file and must be eligible for a FWS award.
    • No student may earn more than his/her award.
    • The student must be paid for all hours worked.
    • The student may not work in a FWS position during his or her scheduled class time.
    • The student may not continue to work in a FWS position if the student withdraws from SCC for the quarter or academic year. Employment must cease from the point the student withdraws.
    • A student who exhausts his/her FWS award must cease employment or must make prior arrangements with his/her supervisor to continue working using non-Federal Work Study funds.
    • FWS employers must pay students at least the current federal minimum wage.
    • FWS employment must not displace or replace employee positions.
    • FWS positions must not involve constructing, operating, or maintaining any part of a building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction.
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