Financial Aid Disbursements

  • Financial Aid funds are transferred (disbursed) to a student's account no earlier than the 10th day of each term. 

    Before funds are disbursed the Financial Aid Office confirms the student remains eligible to receive the funds.

    After subtracting tuition, fees, books and any other appropriate outstanding charges, the remaining proceeds are released to the student no later than 14 days after funds have moved over to the student's account.

    Federal Work Study students are paid once a month for hours worked the previous month.

    Before funds are disbursed, a student may obtain books and supplies from the college bookstore if his or her financial aid award is more than the cost of tuition and fees (and in the case of the Beatrice and Milford campuses, also room and board).  In this case, the student may charge the books and supplies to his or her student account for an amount up to the amount of the excess financial aid.

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