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Frequently Ask Questions

  • How many credit hours do I need in order to be eligible to receive financial aid?

    A minimum of six (6) credit hours is required for Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans. Federal Pell Grants and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants are prorated based on the number of registered credit hours.

    If I do not attend school for a term, will I still receive my loan funds?

    No. You are required to be actively attending classes and enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours to be eligible to receive loans.

    Why do I have to be in a Program of Study to receive financial aid?

    This is a federal requirement. In order to be eligible for federal aid, you must be in an eligible diploma or degree program of study. There are other eligibility requirements which can be viewed here:

    If I have a bachelor’s degree, am I still eligible for federal aid?

    Students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for Federal Pell or FSEOG Grant, but may still eligible for Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, if the student has remaining eligibility.

    What is meant by aggregate limit?

    The Department of Education sets limits on the amount of money you can borrow for undergraduate studies per year, and in total. These are called annual and aggregate limits. If you get a notice indicating you have reached your limit, please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

    Why do I have to be signed up for Selective Service to receive financial aid?

    Title IV is a federally funded program. Selective Service registration is one of the federal requirements for eligibility.

    How do I apply for scholarships?

    Go to the online Financial Aid scholarship page and complete the online application. Also, check out your campus scholarship box/board for additional outside scholarships.

    If I fail a class, can I retake it, and will financial aid cover it?

    Yes, you can repeat a failed class and financial aid will cover the tuition. If a student wants to repeat a passed class, financial aid will cover the tuition for only one repetition of a previously passed class.

    Southeast Community College
    Financial Aid

    Can I receive Federal Financial Aid for courses that fall outside of the requirements for my SCC degree?

    No. Federal regulations prohibit SCC from awarding financial aid for classes that do not count toward a student’s degree.

    Most SCC programs require elective credits; courses that apply to your remaining electives or other academic requirements can be used to determine your financial aid eligibility.

    For students using federal financial aid, this means that while you can certainly take courses outside of your academic requirements, financial aid eligibility determinations cannot include the courses that do not apply. This may result in your financial aid award being reduced.

    Your financial aid award is applied directly to your tuition bill. If your award amount is reduced, your tuition charges may still be fully covered.

    Every student’s situation is unique, so pay attention to the emails you receive in your SCC student email account and work with both Advising and Financial Aid to make the best decisions for you.

    I received an email saying that I’m registered for a course that doesn’t apply to my degree or diploma. What should I do now?

    First, speak with a college advisor. An advisor will ensure that your academic program plan (the degree you’re pursuing) is entered in our system correctly and that it matches your educational goals. An advisor will identify the classes that are required for your SCC degree and can help you decide which classes are best to meet both SCC requirements and the transfer requirements of four-year universities you may be considering.

    If you use financial aid, you should speak with your Financial Aid Office to see how taking a class outside of your requirements will affect your financial aid award package. Some students will not have any impact to their awards, while others will see their aid packages reduced.

    Regardless of your method of payment, be aware that taking courses that don’t apply to your degree can result in longer time to graduation and a higher cost. Speak with an advisor to see if there’s a similar course you can take that will apply to your academic requirements.

    How do I view my degree requirements?

    To find your degree requirements you may visit with an advisor or go to, click on WebAdvisor For Students>Academic Planning>Program Evaluation, select your program of study and click SUBMIT.

    What if I want to take classes to prepare to transfer or because they sound interesting?

    You can always register for any classes that you want! However, federal regulations prohibit SCC from using courses that fall outside of your academic requirements to determine your aid eligibility. This means that you may have to pay out of pocket for some or all of your tuition if your classes do not apply to your SCC requirements.

    To determine if your financial aid package will be adjusted based on your registration, speak with the Financial Aid Office immediately.

    Will Federal Financial Aid cover courses that are required for my transfer College/University?

    It depends. Once you complete the requirements for your SCC degree or diploma, federal financial aid will not cover additional courses that you might need for your transfer destination. You may still want to complete additional courses at SCC, but you will be responsible to pay for them.

    Careful planning with an advisor early in your time at SCC can maximize your financial aid eligibility and ensure that you take classes that apply to both your SCC requirements and the requirements of your intended transfer destination.

    I am taking developmental classes that are not part of my academic requirements. will I receive financial aid for these classes?

    Yes. The federal government considers these preparatory classes for successful completion of college level courses. However, financial aid will pay for a maximum of 30 credit hours of developmental courses.

    Speak with your Financial Aid Office for details on how developmental coursework can affect your financial aid award.

    How will I know if the classes I’m registered for will be covered by financial aid?

    The best way to maximize your financial aid eligibility is by taking classes that are required for your academic program at SCC. You can check how the classes you registered for are applying to your requirements by reviewing your degree audit.

    You can find your degree audit by logging in at, clicking WebAdvisor For Students>Academic Planning>Program Evaluation, select your program of study and click SUBMIT.

    If you have any questions about which classes are required for your degree, speak with a college advisor.

    WHat if you are enrolled in the ACFS1015- Student Success course?

    If you are enrolled in the ACFS1015 -Student Success course please note tuition for this course is currently covered by scholarship or institutional aid. However, the course itself will not count towards your financial aid eligibility unless your declared program of study is Academic Transfer. Please check with the Financial Aid Office to see how your enrollment in this course affects your financial aid eligibility.

    What if you are a student-athlete and enrolled in intercollegiate athletic courses?

    Intercollegiate Athletics courses are counted as elective courses in some, but not all, programs of study. If you are enrolled in a program of study where Intercollegiate Athletic courses are NOT part of your degree plan please check with the Financial Aid office to see how excluding this course(s) may affect your financial aid eligibility.

    Also, please note that athletic scholarships are considered institutional aid, not federal financial aid, and any athletic scholarships you receive will not be affected if athletics courses are not included in your degree plan.

    Southeast Community College
    Financial Aid