Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training Faculty

  • Rick Morphew, Automotive Program Chair, Milford Campus
    ASE Master Certified
    AAS, Iowa Lakes Community College
    Attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Colorado State University
    Related Work Experience: 35 years
    1-800-933-7223, Ext. 8317

    Tim McLain, Instructor
    Ford Certified Tech
    ASE Master Certified
    ASE G1 and L1 Certified 
    AAS, Northeast Community College
    Related Work Experience: 31 years
    1-800-933-7223, Ext. 8310

    Christopher Williams, Instructor
    Ford Senior Master Technician
    ASE Master Technician
    ASE L1 Certified
    AAS, Southeast Community College
    Related Work Experience: 15 years
    1-800-933-7223, Ext. 8311